About Us

Bramigo’s roots go back to the year of 1951. when Branislav Bekčić started a business in a small village wood lathe workshop.

Wood has been processed usually by hand, but with a lot of love and patience. Experience in this field is traditionally passed down through generations to the present day. The name of our company shows how we care about preserving the tradition – „Bramigo“ stands for grandfather, father and son – Branislav, Miroljub and Goran - our 3 generations and we hope that it won't end there. Over the many years of work, through building production halls and dryers, importing tools and machines, our production has constantly been modernized and improved, always reaching for higher standards. Finished „Bramigo“ products can be found not only on domestic, but also on the international market. We have tradition and quality on our side and we are ready to meet the market demands. By cooperating with us, you can make sure of that. By always looking towards the future and taking care of meeting our customers' needs and requests, and by always offering only the best, „Bramigo“ will follow the modern trends in the world, maintaining the acquired reputation. Our production line consists of fine wooden products designed for every household. Wood as a material that meets the highest ecological standards is a basic and primary raw material. In our production we primarily use beech, but we also offer the possibility of using other types of wood. Kitchen utensils are elegant and inevitable part of every kitchen. Due to their characteristics, using wooden utensils in the kitchen has a centuries long tradition. Wooden utensils are healthier in comparison to those made of steel or plastic, because the wood has natural resistance that destroys bacteria on its surface, while on the other materials they can grow freely. Not only are our products ecological, which is a goal of any contemporary production, but they are also very appealing, designed in a modern way and packed nicely, and have therefore easily found their way to the international market. Our target group are primarily our end customers, and we are happy to meet their wishes and requirements and therefore we are ready to expand and perfect our production line.

Our customers

We are proud of the trust we are receiving from our customers and of the work we do for them. We believe that about us say more our customers and the work we do.

Our products

Kitchen boards 20 products
Rolling pins 6 products
Wooden accessories 49 products


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Our company is located about 10 km from Krusevac, on the street Krusevac - Aleksandrovac in Lukavac - Bekcic village. See map
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